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Comztech equips organizations to make better, smarter business decisions faster than the competition and confidently with solutions designed to drive business value across entire organization. The solutions provide scalable enterprise-class reporting, analysis, visualization, scorecards and dashboards, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities to organizations of all sizes. Comztech’s focus is to empower our clients with the best practices in data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics and Counter Fraud to compete effectively in the market.

Counter Fraud Management solution helps insurers, banks, healthcare and government entities to prevent and intercept fraud while detecting, identifying, and building the case against past fraudulent activity and improper payments.

Business Intelligence solution helps transform data to make businesses gain efficiency and improve effectiveness by making smarter and quicker decisions.

Data Warehousing solution help organizations gain critical business insights from structured, semi-structured, unstructured and streaming data.

Predictive Analytics through IBM SPSS shows where an organization currently is and where it can go by guiding through the analytical process of planning, data collection, analysis, reporting and deployment.