Our Business

The market has several different brands of infrastructure and with it new challenges in the market place. The need to create an efficient model of business has driven the growth of data, demand for more appli-cations and new security risks. Additionally, governments drive for the need to stay compliant, marketing and finance departments looking for an intelligent framework to increase the effectiveness of their service and operation departments struggling to streamline processes to increase profitability have added to the new challenges.

Community Outreach in Pictures
CSR Comztech

The Colorful and Happy Welcome wall at Little Rock ECD centre, Kibera

An Afternoon at Little Rock Comztech KenyaLittle rock ECD -comztech Kenya

Football CSR Comztech

A pickup football game at Kibera

Kibera Comztech Kenya

A joyful leap with our friends at Little Rock ECD Centre, Kibera.

Our Core Business
Business Intelligence | Security | Data Management  | Cloud Computing | Fraud Management
Our Values
  1. Honesty and Integrity

  2. Hard work and Discipline

  3. Commitment and Focus

  4. Resiliency and Adaptation